A Photographer’s Guide To Getting Over… Yourself

Yes, you read that right. You are your biggest problem!!

Did you ever sit back and think how much you get in your own way? How your brain can consistently hold you back from the greatness you are destined to have?

I bet you are already doing it. Thinking “Oh me, pshhh. I can’t be great, there isn’t anything grand waiting for me out there.”



It is a constant struggle in my own damn head. Day to day.

But there is a way to get past it.

  1. Recognition – 

So each and every time you have one of those debilitating thoughts, pay attention to it. Do what ever it takes to actually acknowledge what it is that you are thinking! Write it down, tell someone that you just thought that. Talk about it, blog about it, just flippen acknowledge each and every thought that derails you from your goal.

2.  Question – 

Is what you are thinking true? That is the question you need to ask next. Here is a recent example for me….

Situation was learning Photoshop. Every time I opened the program, I would get overwhelmed and anxiously closed it down about 35 seconds later. My thought was immediately I can’t do this, its too confusing.

Ok so was that true? Absolutely not. I can do so many things I do not give myself enough credit for. And confusing? I mean I am raising 3 teens if you want to talk about confusing. Some days I breathe wrong… whew! Just think about the issue and question its validity. Use those words you are beating yourself down with and pick the entire fucking thing apart!

So I had to actually sit down one day because there was something I just had to learn and it could only happen in Photoshop. To start the process off I gave myself a pep talk. “You got this.” I seriously said that aloud in front of my computer screen while taking a big breath.

3. Decide – 

Every single time I have overcome my own brain trying to fuck up my life, it has been because I simply made a decision. I went from saying I can’t to You got this. And I do it over and over and over. Now, it is not simple and often it takes so very much time and mental debating (Yes, I argue with myself so very much).

Many times, the decision comes only with absolute necessity. I get backed into a corner. That is what happened with Photoshop. I needed and had to create something for a client and there was no other way to do it.

4. Act- 

After all the hard stuff is done, yes everything in steps 1-3 is the hardest part, you just act on your choice.

It took me about 30 minutes to figure out the one thing I needed to do in Photoshop for a client. Then, with a little research and exploration I was able to discover how to simply my interface to where it is perfect for me. A little more time and effort and research and money spent (in this industry shit just costs money) I was able to get a hang on what I needed to actually get my images to grow in many, many ways.

My work before Photoshop

These steps I have listed above have helped me grow in so many ways.

Now, I can honestly say I have gotten over myself. I allow myself to grow and go and see and speak in ways I never would have if I didn’t one day just make a decision to do more and be more.

I hope this can help you in many ways too. If not, let us talk about it!! I am always willing to help work through problems.

In the meantime I will be here, cheering you on!

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